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A map of the Chilka Lake, Orissa in India. the route of an Eastindiaman ship Swift in 1820.
'Storm at the Sea', 1740s.  Artist: Claude-Joseph Vernet
'Coastal Harbour. Calm', c1763. Artist: Claude-Joseph Vernet
'Land! Land! Land!', Columbus arriving in America, 1492 (late 19th or early 20th century).
Map of the world showing sailing routes and telegraph cables, c1893. Artist: George Philip & Son Ltd
SS 'Drummond Castle', late 19th century.
British aircraft carrier HMS 'Venerable', Sydney, Australia, c1946.
Double London Bridge proposed for London, 1800.  Artist: George Dance
The ferry 'Queen Victoria' in the harbour of Trelleborg, Sweden.
The inauguration of the ferry route between Trelleborg and Sassnitz, Sweden, 1909.
Willem Barents and Jacob van Heemskerk charting their route, 1596 (c1870). Artist: H Sluyter
The SS 'Orbita', Panama Canal, early 20th century.Artist: J Dearden Holmes
The ocean liner RMS 'Queen Mary', Clydebank, Glasgow, 1934 (1935).Artist: John Brown & Company
'The Conquerors', Culebra Cut, Panama Canal, Panama, 1926.
United States Men-Of-War passing through a lock, Panama Canal, Panama, 1926.
A lock on the Panama Canal, Panama, 1926.
Ocean liner RMS 'Queen Mary', 20th century.
Ocean liner RMS 'Queen Mary', 20th century.
The Grand Trunk Pacific and Colman Docks, Seattle, Washington, USA, 1916.
Steamers at the Colman Dock, Seattle, Washington, USA, 1913.
Lake excursion boat passing through the Outer Drive Link Bridge, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1954.
Columbus 'discovering' America, 1492, (19th century).Artist: Holhs
Prince Maurice, son of the Queen of Bohemia, (1815).
Ocean liner RMS 'Queen Elizabeth', 1940.
'Landing of Columbus, AD 1492', (1877).
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