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Nabatean carving, Kerak castle, Jordan
Detail of Celtic decoration, Battersea Shield, Celtic, c2nd - 1st century BC.
Detail of Cow's head, Battersea Shield, Celtic, c2nd - 1st century BC.
A buffalo hide cut-out used for the Sun Dance, Oglala Sioux, collected in 1880. Artist: Werner Forman
Detail of a pottery vessel depicting two warriors wearing bird headdresses, showing them to be nobles of very high rank.
Plains Indian shield. Artist: Werner Forman
Buffalo hide shield cover, Native American (Crow), 19th century. Artist: Werner Forman
A diving suit made of waterproofed leather, worn with a metal helmet. This was designed by a German, Klingert, and tested in the River Oder in 1797.
Battle scene
Seal of Richard of Cornwall
Seal of Waleran de Beaumont
Training for knighthood
Four knights jousting
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