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Greek metope of Herakles and the Kerkopes, 6th century BC.
Page from the Codex Fejervary-Mayer, Mixtec, Mexico, pre 1521. Artist: Werner Forman
The chaining of Son'ka the Golden Hand, Sakhalin, Russia, 1890. Artist: Anton Chekhov
Bawds and pickpockets around a trader at Covent Garden piazza, Westminster, London, c1780. Artist: Anon
'The Robbing Hood Debating Society', 1809. Artist: Anon
'How to stand at ease, or a lesson for the Volunteer Gazers', 1804. Artist: Anon
'Four views taken in the parks', 1814. Artist: George Cruikshank
'Scenes in London', c1830.                   Artist: Anon
'Jonathan Wild going to the place of execution', London, 1725. Artist: Anon
'The night mayor - or magistratical vigilance', 1816. Artist: Anon
'Keep Him Covered Mary, I'll Call the Police'.Artist: American Stereoscopic Company
Bransby Williams (1870-1961), British actor, early 20th century.Artist: Ralph Dunn & Co.
'The Cock-pit', 1759.Artist: William Hogarth
'Oliver Twist', c1838.Artist: George Cruikshank
Audacious burglars, 1901.
'Misanthrope', 1568. Artist: Pieter Bruegel the Elder