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'Our Medical Students', 1886. Artist: Joseph Swain
'Medium and Re-Medium', 1864. Artist: John Tenniel
The solar spectrum, 1814.
General Post Office, Lombard Street, London, 1808. Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
Colorimeter, after a design by Labilliardiere with modifications by Salleron, 1871.
General properties of bodies, c1851.
Davy's electric egg, 1883.
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) viewed from space.
Aurora Australis, April 1994.
Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of the German Republic, c1933.
'Subject to Correction', 1912. Artist: Leonard Raven-Hill
Soldiers reading the Suffragette newspaper, April 1915.
Wrecked Sopwith Atlantic aircraft from the Atlantic crossing attempt, Oxford Street, London, 1919.
The Legal Quays, London, 1757. Artist: LP Boitard
"VOJO KUSHI". Oleo del pintor albanés Sali SHIJAKU (1933) realizado en 1969. Representa a un joven PARTISANO lanzando una granada de mano contra un tanque fascista. Galería Nacional de Arte. Tirana. R
FERRAN, Jaime (1852-1929). Spanish bacteriologist.  Colored engraving. By Carretero.
TRAFICO INTENSO de entrada a la ciudad. San Francisco. Estado de California. Estados Unidos.
FERRAN, Jaime (1852-1929). Spanish bacteriologist.  Engraving by A. Carretero.
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