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Illustration of preacher from 'Beschwerung der alten'.
Gunpowder plotters executed
Taken to execution
Gunpowder Plot trial
The Gunpowder Plot conspirators
Wentworth Thomas
Marco Polo
'Oh dem golden stockings ! the cream and gold contingent of supern Danish girls jumping at the Olympic games'.
Naval battle
Adolf Hitler dedicating standards at the Nuremberg Rally, Germany, 1935.
German election and referendum, 29 March 1936.
Adolf Hitler looks out of his cell window at Landsberg Fortress, Bavaria, Germany, 1934.
Adolf Hitler reviewing motorcycle troops at the Nuremberg Rally, Germany, 1935.
Adolf Hitler reviewing Leibstandarte troops at the Nuremberg Rally, Germany, 1935.
Adolf Hitler visiting Landsberg fortress, Germany, 1934.
Adolf Hitler visiting the SS Leibstandarte Regiment, 1936.
Munich Putsch commemoration, Braunes Haus, Munich, Germany, 9 November 1935.
The Blood Flag of 1923, Nuremberg, Germany, 1936.
Adolf Hitler waiting for SA 'Brownshirts', Nuremberg, Germany, 1935.
Adolf Hitler greeting General Karl Litzmann on his birthday, 1934.
Nazi leaders at the Feldherrnhalle, Munich, Germany, 9 November 1934.
Nuremberg Rally, 7th Party Congress, the 'Rally of Freedom', Germany, 1935. ?
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