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The first building of the Lebedev Physics Institute (FIAN), Moscow, USSR, 20th century. Artist: Anon
Ilya Frank, Russian physicist, c1950s-1960s(?). Artist: Anon
Prominent physicists at the Lebedev Physics Institute, Moscow, USSR, 1961. Artist: Anon
Vitaly Ginzburg, Russian theoretical physicist and astrophysicist 2003.  Artist: Anon
Nicolay Basov, Russian physicist, during World War II, 1941. Artist: Anon
Nikolay Gennadiyevich Basov, Russian physicist, c1950s-c1960s(?). Artist: Anon
Dmitri Skobeltsyn, Russian physicist, conducting an experiment, 1924. Artist: Anon
Five prominent physicists, 1936. Artist: Anon
Dmitri Skobeltsyn and Niels Bohr, Russian and Danish physicists, 1961.  Artist: Anon
Three physicists, c1950s-c1960s(?). Artist: Anon
Nikolay Gennadiyevich Basov, Russian physicist, c1970s-c1980s(?). Artist: Anon
Wilson chamber of the FIAN station in the Tien Shan Mountains, 20th century. Artist: Anon
Vladimir Zakharov, Russian theoretical physicist, c1980s(?). Artist: Anon