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The C12th brick-built minaret of the Kalan mosque in Bukhara, retained when the remainder of the mosque was rebuilt during the C16th.
Among some southern Akan groups it was customary to honour the memory of members of the royal lineage by erecting clusters of fired clay heads representing the dead man and his retainers.
A shrine figure depicting a warrior in the full battle dress of the 19th C Yoruba wars carried on the shoulders of a retainer.
Chavin blackware stirrup spout vessel, Paracas, south coastal Peru, c1000-6000 BC. Artist: Werner Forman
A plaque which decorated the palace of the Obas of Benin.
Punic monument in Sabratha.
Japanese lady and retainers
Japanese horseman and retainers
Japanese warrior and noble
Man sitting on a verandah
Japanese warriors in front of gate
Warriors attack building
Japanese warrior & lady
Japanese warrior
Warrior monks
Men climbing a hill
Japanese warrior
Japanese warrior
Japanese warrior
Samurai storming a gate
Samurai attacking a house
Samurai attack in snow
Samurai with severed head
Warrior monks
Japanese men eating
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