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'Portrait of the Chancellor of the Russian Empire Count Karl Robert Nesselrode', (1780-1862), 1840s. Artist: Franz Kruguer
Frederick V, King of Bohemia from 1619-1620.
Heidelberg Castle and town viewed across the Neckar river, Germany, in 1620.
REVOLUCIONES LIBERALES (AÑO 1820). 'EL RISORGIMENTO'. Tras los movimientos liberales insurreccionales de julio de 1820 en Nápoles y Sicilia, las potencias de la Santa Alianza intervinieron, enviando l
Metternich-Winneburg, Klemens, prince (1773-1859). Austrian politician. Appointed chancellor in 1809, replacing Stadion. Between 1814 and 1815 chaired the Congress of Vienna, which imposed a new reorg