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Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.
Napoleon's troops defending a telegraph tower, c1815, (c1870).
Building a Chappe telegraph station, c1793, (c1870). Artist: Anon
Chappe's aerial telegraph system, Algeria, mid-19th century, (c1870).  Artist: Anon
First Chappe telegraph message from St Petersburg, early 19th century, (c1870).
Caselli's pantelegraph of 1865, (c1870). Artist: Anon
Nicolas Lemery, French pharmacist and chemist, 1874. Artist: Anon
Paris Observatory in the time of Louis XIV, 17th century (1870).
Jean Baptiste von Helmont, Belgian physician and chemist, 1870.
Luigi Palmieri, Italian geophysicist, 1893.
Lazzaro Spallanzani, Italian biologist, 1874.
Guillaume Francois Rouelle, 18th century French chemist, 1874.
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