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Vacuum absorbtion chamber, Edgar Allen Steel Co, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, 1962. Artist: Michael Walters
A lab tachnician with a Reichter Microscope at a steelworks, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, 1962. Artist: Michael Walters
The Most Mysterious Substance in Nature - Radium, 1903.Artist: Alfred Hugh Fisher
Analytical laboratory, Rowntree factory, York, Yorkshire, 1926.
Rowntree analytical laboratory, York, Yorkshire, 1900.
A laboratory worker holds a separating funnel of oil, Dunkirk refinery, France, 1950s.
Laboratory and chart, 1751-1777.
Radium experiment, 1904. Artist: Poyet
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, 18th century French chemist, in his laboratory, 1814.
Checking the quality of saltpetre (nitre, potassium nitrate, or KN03), 1683.
Laboratory for refining gold and silver, showing typical laboratory equipment, 1683.
The amateur chemist's laboratory bench, 1860. Artist: M & N Hanhart
Antoine Lavoisier's apparatus for synthesizing water from hydrogen (left) and oxygen (right), 1881.
A stage in the separation of radium from pitchblende using sodium carbonate, c1900.
Spectroscope, 1882.
Wallace Hume Carothers, American industrial chemist, c1927-1937.
Chemical lecture, 1802. Artist: James Gillray