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Franklin Street and Greenwich Street. B. Fischer and Co. Factory, coffee roasters' toilet.
East 55th Street and 5th Avenue. St. Regis Hotel, bathroom in an ordinary suite.
8 East 79th Street. Heinrich  Schniewind Residence, bathroom.
40 West 57th Street. H.B. Gilbert residence, bathroom.
[East 54th Street public baths.]
[Shower in No. 1 Fifth Avenue.]
[Shower in No. 1 Fifth Avenue.]
[Shower in No. 1 Fifth Avenue.]
[S.S. "Normandie", Stateroom #282 with Shower, Tourist Class.]
[S.S. "Normandie", Stateroom #277 with Shower, Tourist Class.]
[Columbia Hotel, Brooklyn, N.Y.]
[Unidentified Bathroom.]
[Free Shower Bath for Horses.]
[S.S. "Washington", Shower of Stateroom #A1, Cabin Class.]
[S.S. "Washington", Bathroom of Stateroom #A39, Cabin Class.]
[S.S. "Manhattan", Bathroom, Cabin Class.]
[S.S. "Washington".]
[Rogers Estate, "Port of Missing Men", Mrs. Hoving's Bath, Southampton, L.I.]
Columbia Hotel, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Hotel Biltmore, Mad. Ave & 43rd Street, Interior, bathroom.
The Ambassador Hotel, Park Ave. & 50th St., Interior, bathroom.
St. Luke's Hospital.
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