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A bat, mole and hedgehog.
Vampire bats
Dulwich College, Camberwell, London, 1790. Artist: Taylor
'The Insect Daimio Cortege', 1878 (1886).
'Miss Wicket and Miss Trigger', 1770.
The Cellarium, Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire, c1920s.
'The sleep of reason produces monsters', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
'There is plenty to suck', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
Natterer's bat (Myotis nattereri), 1828.
Long-eared bat (Plectorus auritus), 1828.
Pipistrelle bat (Pipistrellus pipistrellus), 1828.
Mammal embryos, 1905.
Birthday plate, late Kangxi period, Qing dynasty, China, 1700-1722.
Large rhino horn cup, Ming dynasty, China, 15th-early 16th century.
Mandarin's (woman's) rank badge, Qing dynasty, China, c1898-1900.
Pair of doucai saucers with bats and peach tree, Qing dynasty, Yongzheng period, 1723-1735.
Jade rebus of two peaches and a bat, early Qing dynasty, China, 17th century.
Jade rebus of bat and water caltrop, early Qing dynasty, probably Kangxi period, China, 1644-1722.
Jade mythical animal with bat, Jin or Yuan dynasty, China, 1115-1368.
Lacquered wood drinking vessel with bat on rim, China, 18th century.
Canton enamel saucer with bats amid foliage, Qing dynasty, China, 18th century.
'Hudibras beats Sidrophel and his man Whacum', 18th century. Artist: William Hogarth
Hand coloured engraving of a Greater Horseshoe Bat, 1838.
Scene from The Tempest by William Shakespeare, 1856-1858.
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