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Einstein's blackboard used at the second of three Rhodes Memorial Lectures.
Folio from an C18th astronomical manuscript illustrating the relative positions of the sun, the moon, Jupiter and Venus.
Information on Einstein's blackboard.
Folio from an 19th C transcription of the 11th C treatise, Mukhtasar al- Majasti, by Ibn Sina, illustrating astronomical motion.
The crew of Space Shuttle Mission STS-31, 1990.Artist: NASA
Old home of David Rittenhouse, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 1905.
Drawing of Mars showing 'canals' and dark areas, 1896.
Martian double 'canals' 'Phison' and 'Euphrates' as observed on 18 November 1894.
Drawings of Mars showing its 'canals' and polar ice caps, 1907.
Edwin Powell Hubble (1899-1953), American astronomer, in the obsevatory.
200 inch Hale telescope at Palomar Observatory, California, at night, c1948.
George Ellery Hale (1868-1938), American astronomer, observing sunspots, 1907.
SP Langley's steam-powered model plane 'Aerodrome' viewed from above and below, 1902.
SP Langley's steam-powered model plane Aerodrome, c1896.
Illustration from De la Terre a la Lune by Jules Verne, 1865.
Illustration from De la Terre a la Lune by Jules Verne, 1865.
Isaac Newton (1643-1727). English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian. Newton's work on the nature of light.
James Cook (1728-1779). British explorer and cartographer. Calculation the astronomical unit in Tahiti.