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Roman terracotta lamp in the shape of a water-organ.
Service at a garage, Trelleborg, Sweden, 1950s.
Princess Margaret and RAF Group Captain Peter Townsend, South Africa, 1947.
Robert Boyle, 17th century Irish natural philosopher, (c1850).
Robert Boyle, Irish-born chemist and physicist, (1833).Artist: R Woodman
'Dawlish', Devon, c1860.
Kingstown and Dalkey Atmospheric Railway, near Dublin, 1845.
Clegg and Samuda's atmospheric railway, 1845.
Evangelista Torricelli, Italian physicist, inventing the mercury barometer, 1643 (1873).
Von Guericke's water barometer, 1672.
Von Guericke's demonstration of the strength of a vacuum, 1654 (1672).
Von Guericke's demonstration of the power of air pressure, 1672.
Otto von Guericke, German inventor, engineer and physicist, 1672.