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The Rocket. Locomotive designed by British engineer and inventor George Stephenson (1781-1848). It was the first that was traveling with passengers between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester (1830
Isaac Peral (1852-1895). Spanish engineer, sailor and designer of the Peral Submarine. Partial tests verified the Peral submarine in the dock of Arsenal de la Carraca, 1889. Cadiz. Andalusia. Spain. C
Grand procession to the electric light in New York on October 31, 1884. Experiment Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931). Colored engraving. USA.
Phonoplex telegraph invented by Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931). Engraving.
Newcomen steam engine invented by Thomas Newcomen in 1712. It consisted of a pump designed to reduce water steam in the galleries of mines. Engraving.
Main wagon of the atmospheric railway of Saint-Germain, taken out of service in 1859.
Blenkinsop's toothed rack locomotive.
Davy decomposes alkali with the battery of Volta (1807).
Battery of M. Vérité, from Beauvais.
Brake of a wagon.
The large battery of Wollaston, built by Davy, in 1807, at the Royal Institute in London.
Cross section of the interior of the atmospheric tube.
Nobili's thermopile with a reflector attached to it.
Machine to cut the railway track.
The 'Rocket', locomotive of George and Robert Stephenson.
Steam Ploughing.
Grove's battery.
MM. Cail and Company's traction engine.
Part of Grove's battery.
Faraday's experiment showing that the contact of two metals do not develop an electric current.
Mixed-traffic locomotive.
A coal mine in Newcastle, with wagons drawn by horses on wooden rails.
Steam machine.
A hot-air cylinder machine with horizontal engines.
Fowler's traction engine for steam ploughing.
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