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Paradise Regained
Paradise Regain'd
[Map of land from Lispenard Street to Duggan Street, between Chapel Street and Church Street.]
Map of Property of W'm Scott, A.J. Bleecker, Elijah Purdy
A Map of Property Belonging to John Duffie, Formerly Susan St. on Kips Bay Map
[Map of lots between White and Walker Streets at Broadway]
[Survey and map of several lots of building ground on the west side of Greenwich Street between Beaver and Rector Streets...belonging to the heirs of Isaac Stoutenburgh deceased]
Cripple Bush Farm
A Map of property belonging to the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
Map of 152 Lots on Prospect Hill in the Twelfth Ward in the City of New York
Map of a Piece of Salt Meadow, Situated in the 10th Ward of the City of New York, Showing the Division of the Same
[Map of lots from Bank Street, north to Fitzroy Road, from Greenwich Street east to Greenwich Lane, with lots partially indicated]
[Map of lots from Charles Street to Scott Street between Greenwich Street and Greenwich Lane]

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