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The Duel between Paul Deroulede and Georges Clemenceau, 1893. Artist: Henri Meyer
Russian Admiral Avellan on board the cruiser 'Emperor Nicholas I', 1893.
The Tree of Death. The Sinner.
Seven Deadly Sins. Engraving at "Principis del Home, y sos dos camins, de Salvacio o Condemnacio, ab la Explicacio dels set pecats mortals". Manresa, 1849. Catalonia. Spain.
Ramon Llull (1235-1316). Breviculum Codex. Miniature. Llull preaching. Parchment 92. Page 5r. Baden Memorial Library. Karlsruhe. Germany.
Chinese Art. 7th century. Court Lady. Ceramics. Early Tang Dynasty.
SAFO (h. 612-h. 570 aC). Poetisa griega. S. VII-VI aC (S. VII aC-S. VI aC). ESCULTURA COLOSAL DE SAFO O AFRODITA. Pieza romana del S. II procedente de Esmirna (Izmir). Museo Arqueológico. Estambul. Tu