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of 1968
, Court Life, Foreigner, Gouache, Interior, Depiction of, Mother and Child, Ottoman dynasty (ca.1280-1924), Watercolor
The family of a court interpreter. Ca. 1750. A mother with two children in Ottoman dress. Judging by the female dresses, it is an Ottoman subject and the family might be wealthy Greeks, Feneriotes, who lived in the Fener district of Istanbul. Others have suggested that the rather bulbous turbans worn by the mother and daughter might be Armenian instead. Water- and bodycolour, on vellum. Purchased with the assistance of The Art Fund, the National Heritage Memorial Fund, Shell International and the Friends of the V&A (SD. 1312).
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Great Britain
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V&A Images, London / Art Resource, NY
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2500 X 1851 px