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Lady's headdress, 1450-1470, (1910)., Costume, Dress, Emily Jessie Ashdown, Exotic, Female, Fleur-de-lys, Headdress, Jewelry, ornate, Pearl, Woman

Lady's headdress, 1450-1470, (1910).

Lady's headdress, 1450-1470, (1910). Female fashion from the reign of Henry VI-Edward IV ((1422-1483). Forked headdress with black velvet ermine-lined cloak with golden fleur-de-lys and lined with blue satin, jewelled morse with pendant chain, parti-coloured super cote-hardi in black velvet with heraldic lion rampant. Illustration from British Costume during 19 Centuries by Mrs Charles H Ashdown, (London, 1910).
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