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Ladies fashion magazine, illustrations by George Barbier, ANIMAL, ANIMALS, ATTIRé, Bird, Brocade, clothes, Clothing, color, colour, COLOURS, Dress, ETHNICITY, Fashion, FASHIONABLE, Female, females, FOOTWEAR, French, garments, GOWN, haute couture, ILLUSTRATED, Illustration, nationality, one person, organic materials, organisms, Peacock, People, pochoir, Shoes, Silver, Slipper, SLIPPERS, trendy, vogue, Wig, Woman, Women

Ladies fashion magazine, illustrations by George Barbier

Women depicted wearing evening dress with silver brocade, red slippers and a blue wig with silver headress, background shows a white peakcock on a tree branch Parisian fashion. (Grande robe du soir en brocart d'argent. Costumes Parisiens) Illustrated by George Barbier.
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