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, Artist, Portrait of, Banquet, Barr, Alfred H. (1902 - 1981), Biala, Janice (1903-2000) © Copyright, Bourgeois, Louise (1911-2010) © VAGA at ARS, NY, de Kooning, Willem (1904-1997) © ARS, NY, Eating, Ernst, Jimmy (1920-1984) © ARS, NY, Ferber, Herbert (1906-1991) © Copyright, Gottlieb, Adolph (1903-1974) © VAGA at ARS, NY, Grippe, Peter (1912-2002) © Copyright, Hare, David (1917-1992) © Copyright, Hofmann, Hans (1880-1966) © ARS, NY, Lassaw, Ibram (1913-2003) © Copyright, Lewis, Norman (1909-1979) © Copyright, Lippold, Richard (1915-2002) © ARS, NY, Motherwell, Robert (1915-1991) © ARS, NY, Newman, Barnett (1905-1970) © ARS, NY, Photograph, Pousette-Dart, Richard (1916-1992) © ARS, NY, Reinhardt, Ad (1913-1967) © ARS, NY, Sterne, Hedda (1910-2011) © ARS, NY, Table, Tomlin, Bradley Walker (1899-1953)
Artists' sessions at Studio 35: upper photograph, left to right: Seymour Lipton, Norman Lewis, Jimmy Ernst, Peter Grippe, Adolph Gottlieb, Hans Hofmann, Alfred H. Barr, Jr., Robert Motherwell, Richard Lippold, Willem de Kooning, Ibram Lassaw, James Brooks, Ad Reinhardt, Richard Pousette-Dart; lower photograph, left to right: James Brooks, Ad Reinhardt, Richard Pousette-Dart, Louise Bourgeois, Herbert Ferber, Bradley Walker Tomlin, Janice Biala, Robert Goodnough, Hedda Sterne, David Hare, Barnett Newman, Seymour Lipton, Norman Lewis, Jimmy Ernst (1950), from "Modern Artists in America," No. 1. New York, Wittenborn-Schultz, 1951. The Museum of Modern Art Library, New York.
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, U.S.A.
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