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, Crown, Ermine, Napoleon I Bonaparte (1769-1821), Painting, Medium, Portrait, Robe, SCEPTER, Standing (Portraits, Figures), Throne
Napoleon Bonaparte. A full-length portrait of Napoleon in his robes of state. The painting is seven and a half feet high, and four and a half wide. The Emperor is represented standing upon the steps of his throne, dressed in a tunic of white satin, embroidered in gold, with a grand mantle of purple velvet, ornamented with bees, and other embroideries in gold, the mantle lined with ermine. The Emperor's head is crowned with two branches of gold laurel. He holds in his right hand the sceptre of Charlemagne; at his side is a footstool, and cushion of blue velvet, upon which is placed a golden terrestrial globe, and a hand of Justice. The steps of the throne are covered with a carpet of blue velvet, ornamented with bees, the drapery of the background is of the same material ornamented, oil paint. Canvas.
British Library, London, Great Britain
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