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, 14th century CE, Army, Banner, Flag, Battles, Chronicle (Manuscript), Fighting Scene, Froissart, Jean (1333-1400), Gothic (1150-1500), Illuminated Manuscript, Knight, Miniature (manuscript illumination), Soldier
Knights at the Battle of Mont d'Or with banners. An illustration of opposing armies facing each other, JEHAN FROISSART, Chroniques de France et d'Angle- terre: volume (or livre) ii, covering the period 1377- 1385 (cf. 14 D. IV). The text of the present MS. is classified by Kervyn de Lettenhove (Å’uvres de F, Brussels, 1873, introd, pt. iii, p. 319) as premiere redac- tion, seconde serie. For livre iv in the same format, done probably in the same scriptorium, although not apparently as part of the same commission, see 18 E. II. Beg. 'Quant le duc de Bourgongne cut fait ceste cheuauchee'; ends 'en la ville de Gand'. Colophon, 'Cy fine le second volume de maistre Jehan Froissart f.269:Battle of Mont d'Or: banners of France, Flanders, gilds, &c. Author Jehan Froissart.
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