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, 14th century CE, Angel, Apostles, Gothic (1150-1500), Kneeling, Last Judgment, Mosaic, Praying, Resurrection of the Dead, Saint John the Apostle, Saint Peter the Apostle, Semitecolo, Nicoletto (1353-1370), Tomb, Venetian, Virgin Mary
The Left Panel of The Last Judgment Mosaic above the Golden Gate, in St. Vitus Cathedral, in Prague, The Czech Republic. The mosaic was made circa 1370-1371 by Venetian artists. Seen are St. Peter, St. John and four other apostles. To their right Virgin Mary kneeling in prayer. Below, angels aiding the resurrected rise from their graves. Designed probably by Venetian painter Nicoletto Semitecolo.
Cathedral St. Vitus, Prague, Czech Republic
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Sites & Photos / Art Resource, NY
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