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The Vanni Archive

The Vanni Archive, established Gian Berto, Ruggero and Valentina Vanni, consists of over 80,000 images of art and architecture, including over 4000 monuments of artistic, historical and cultural significance from 1200 different sites all over the world. The collection is very wide in scope, ranging from ancient to modern, from the most famous to little known gems. Countries documented by The Vanni Archive include: Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, the Caribbean Islands, Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Holland, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Laos, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, and Turkey.

The Vanni style of documentation is generously explanatory, in that every angle, facade, and interior is explored up to the very minimal details, which lends itself well to publications of art, architecture, and archaeology, as well as CD-Roms and travel publications. For more details, please feel free to contact Art Resource.


Auguste Rodin
The Thinker.
Musee Rodin, Paris, France.
Photo Credit: © Vanni Archive/Art Resource, NY