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, Bry, Theodore de (1528-1598), Engraving, Fence, Hut, Native American, North America, Village, Virginia, USA, White, John (fl.1570-1593)
Village of Pomeiooc, (Whole folio) Engraving of a bird's-eye view of a village, enclosed by a circular palisade. Within the enclosure are huts of pole and mat construction, with open ends or side, and raised sleeping platforms inside.The huts are grouped round an open space; a wood fire in the centre, with figures with gourd rattles. A landscape background of trees, part of a cornfield, sunflowers, and small pond with figures taking water. From Theodor de Bry's 'America', Vol. I, 1590, after a drawing of John White Image taken from Travels through Virginia. Originally published/produced in England; 1618. Author William Strachey, Illustrated by John White, Theodor de Bry.
British Library, London, Great Britain
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© British Library Board / Robana / Art Resource, NY
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