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, Anjou Dynasty, Compass, geometric, Couple, Honeymoon, Kissing, Painting, Medium, Rene I d'Anjou of Provence (Bon roi Rene, 1409-1480), Scott, Walter, Sir (1771-1832), Watercolor
King René's Honeymoon. 1864. A replica of the subject Brown painted to decorate a cabinet designed by John Pritchard Seddon, which was made by Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Company, and is now in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The subject is based on imagined incidents in the honeymoon of King Rene of Anjou, as recounted by Walter Scott in his novel 'Anna von Geierstein'. Brown shows him as a supporter of the arts, considering the plans for his castle. Graphite, watercolour, gouache and gum arabic on card, 276 x 186 mm. Acquisition Purchased 1917.
Tate Gallery, London, Great Britain
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© Tate, London / Art Resource, NY
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