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Walled garden of Sir Mirth, Alphabet, ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENT, arts and entertainment occupations, author, Avarice, Bed, Fountain, Garden, Gardens, gentlemen, IDLENESS, INITIAL, LADY, NARCISSUS, open space, ornamental and decorative element, SAD, Sadness, Sorrow, Text, written language, Young

Walled garden of Sir Mirth

Walled garden of Sir Mirth, [Whole folio] The author is invited into the walled garden of Sir Mirth, containing the fountain of Narcissus, by a beautiful young lady called Idleness. On the walls are representations of Covetousness, Avarice, Envy, and Sorrow, alluding to the unpleasant reality of the outside world. Below, a figure asleep in bed.Text beginning with decorated initial 'M'. Decorated borders Image taken from Le Roman de la Rose. Originally published/produced in France; circa 1400.
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